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The real value of Cuff n Catch is its versatility in teaching skills in a variety of sports.


This fun and easy-to-use device was conceived, designed and patented by Jeff Chrystal, former starting wide receiver for the University of Illinois. Chrystal's goal in creating the Cuff n Catch was to help young athletes—even adults—learn the proper technique necessary to catch a ball of any size and to feel the thrill of doing it right, every time.

This uniquely designed product slips on easily over the wrists allowing proper form to catch balls and quickly releases to facilitate throwing!perfectcatchaboutus.jpg

Cuff n Catch consists of a set of pliable handcuffs that keeps a player’s hands in the proper position prior to making a catch. The device is effective in promoting the “watching the ball into the hands” aspect of the catch. After making a catch with hands held together by Cuff n Catch, soft rollers allow the player to easily remove the throwing hand so the ball can quickly be thrown back. 

cuffncatch1_11.jpgThe Cuff n Catch is a simple idea to teach a fundamental skill:

 Chrystal’s idea for Cuff n Catch was born in his backyard, during a simple game of  catch with his  9-year-old son, Will. Will was trying to clamp his arms and hands together like a large pair of tongs when the ball arrived.

Chrystal advised his son to bring his hands up simultaneously and, to help him facilitate the correct motion, fastened his wrists together with a bungee cord. Young Will was almost immediately making more and better catches.

It took about a year of planning and modifying to devise the current easy-on/easy-off feature of Cuff n Catch, and the more they played with it, the more applications to other sports came into mind. Cuff n Catch is ideal for infielders in baseball, goal keepers in soccer, setters in volleyball, receivers in football and rebounding in basketball. It even helps with a “fly-away elbow” in golf.