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Football- Linemen and Linebackers



"The  Cuff n Jam is a great tool for both offensive and defensive players when striking a blow.  The  Cuff n Step, attached to both ankles, trains tight foot action on pass protection." 


- Jim McNally, Retired NFL Offensive Line Coach



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For Linemen: Cuff n Jam

The Cuff n Jam is an efficient tool to help facilitate one of the most important techniques for linemen: Jamming the opponent, thus controlling the opponent.  In hand-to-hand combat, the Lineman strives to engage their hands inside the opponent’s numbers for maximum strength, power, and leverage. The Cuff n Jam helps facilitate this technique by training tightly compact hands to be powerfully delivered when jamming.

*Coaching Tip: Notice that tight hands cause the feet to work harder and to require the athlete to center his body over his feet prior to delivering the blow.


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For Linebacker and Defensive Players: Cuff n Punch

The Cuff n Punch is one of the most efficient training devices to teach the instinctive true power of the athlete’s core strength.  By delivering a blow with the arms compact and tight, allows the athlete to disengage the opponent, thus controlling and dominating the opponent. A defensive player strives to engage their hands inside the opponent’s numbers for maximum power, strength, and leverage.

*Coaching Tip: Use the
Cuff n Punch during one-on-one drills to accentuate the power of leverage from the core of the athlete. Again by cuffing the hands or the arms, requires the feet to move faster.



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For Offensive Linemen: Cuff n Step

The Cuff n Step is the ultimate training device for teaching the proper technique for the kick step in pass blocking. A quick short step of a foot is followed by a quick short step of the other foot. These short quick steps of approximately the same distance, creates a centered, balanced athlete. The lineal kick steps causes a smooth, almost “Chop, Chop” rhythm, making the lateral movement of a lineman be athletic and balanced. Training for a balanced stance will give the lineman maximum power and the ability to react and quickly change direction giving the lineman quicker agility thus the stability to control the opponent.

*Coaching Tip:  By simultaneously using the
 Cuff n Jam or the Cuff n Punch (whichever is more preferable to the individual coaching style) with the Cuff n Step centers the athlete prior to delivering a blow.



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For Running Backs or all players: Cuff n Shuffle

The Cuff n Shuffle worn above the knees is the ultimate strengthening and conditioning apparatus that can be worn all practice long or just in specific bag drills.  By wearing the Cuff n Shuffle enforces in the athletes mind the power of pumping his legs. Drills using lateral cutting techniques will quicken your athlete and make him more powerful.

*Coaching Tip:  Try to emphasize for the athlete to be less upright and more tilted or leaning in the direction that they wish to go.  The leaning will cause the knees to pump faster in order to maintain balance thus developing greater speed.



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