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Cuff n Save  is a patented multi-sport training device designed to enhance the fundamental skills needed in baseball/softball, basketball, football, soccer and volleyball. This uniquely designed product slips on easily over the wrists allowing proper form to catch balls and quickly releases to facilitate throwing.

This fun and easy-to-use device was conceived, designed and patented by Jeff Chrystal, former starting wide receiver for the University of Illinois. Chrystal's goal in creating the Cuff n Save was to help young athletes—even adults--learn the proper technique necessary to block or save a ball of any size and to feel the thrill of doing it right, every time.

Cuff n Save consists of a set of pliable handcuffs that keeps a player's hands in the proper position prior to making a save. The device is effective in promoting the "watching the ball into the hands" aspect of the catch. After making a catch with hands held together by Cuff n Save, soft rollers allow the player to easily remove the equipment to ensure a comfortable practice session.


For goalies:

Cuff n Save is superb at teaching “quick feet, quick hands” an essential fielding skill. One of the most significant and immediate behavioral improvements we see in training with Cuff N Save is the quick release; this is accomplished through maintaining proper hand and arm position.

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Techniques For Goal Keepers

OK, goalkeepers, it's time to bring your ball handling up a notch. If you want better ball handling, train with Cuff n Save. Pros say it, and coaches tell you again and again: goaltending improvements come through repetition. Lots and lots of repetition. Here are some drills to keep you busy.

Diving Catch Drills

With your Cuff n Save on, position yourself on your knees as your teammate plays the ball toward you. As you dive for the ball, Cuff n Save will be maintaing excellent hand position for you, like a coach teaching body position. Remember, repetition with Cuff n Save trains you automatically. On game day, your hands will remember what to do; it's a great feeling.

Seated Catching Drills

Beginning in a seated position, slip on the Cuff n Save. The design of Cuff n Save is patented twice, to train consistent hand position and for easy-on, easy-off operation. Have your teammate play the ball to you from close range. Cuff n Save keeps your hands together, improving your timing and building confidence.