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Cuff n Catch is a patented multi-sport training device designed to enhance the fundamental skills needed in baseball/softball, basketball, football, soccer and volleyball. This uniquely designed product slips on easily over the wrists allowing proper form to catch balls and quickly releases to facilitate throwing.

This fun and easy-to-use device was conceived, designed and patented by Jeff Chrystal, former starting wide receiver for the University of Illinois. Chrystal's goal in creating the Cuff n Catch was to help young athletes—even adults--learn the proper technique necessary to catch a ball of any size and to feel the thrill of doing it right, every time.

Cuff n Catch consists of a set of pliable handcuffs that keeps a player's hands in the proper position prior to making a catch. The device is effective in promoting the "watching the ball into the hands" aspect of the catch. After making a catch with hands held together by Cuff 'N Catch, soft rollers allow the player to easily remove the throwing hand so the ball can quickly be thrown back.


This year, make rebounding your star quality by training with Cuff n Catch:

Why rebounding? Think of it: every time your opponent misses a shot, it can be the same as a pass to you! Cuff n Catch may be the secret weapon you've been looking for.

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Hand and Eye Positioning Linked

To improve your rebounding skills, begin by focusing on positioning. Here's where  
Cuff n Catch can help. By training your hands to stay together, you'll naturally be able to keep your eye focused on the ball. We've seen it over and over. When hand position is correct, eye position is correct.

Why Not Train to Reach With One Hand?

Did you know that over ninety percent of all rebounds are taken below the rim? Why concentrate on making Spiderman-style jumps, when the most important rebounding skill is concentration? Focus better by training with
Cuff n Catch and you will see improvements.

Hands Up Rebounding

Once you begin to train with
Cuff n Catch, remember to keep your hands up. Think “hands = shoulders” when you're anticipating a rebound.


What About Offensive Rebounding?

Again, work on hand position by training with
Cuff n Catch. When best hand position becomes natural, you can concentrate on body position inside. First things first: Train with Cuff n Catch, get the right hand position down so it becomes natural and automatic. You'll be suprised how quickly your body will learn, once taught by the simple, affordable, effective Cuff n Catch.

Seated Catching Drills

Beginning in a seated position, slip on the
Cuff n Catch. The design of Cuff n Catch is patented twice, to train consistent hand position and for easy-on, easy-off operation. Have your teammate play the ball to you from close range. Cuff n Catch keeps your hands together, improving your timing and building confidence.